The end of Summer does not mean the end of lawn care.  In fact, September could be the most important month of the year because the cooler temperatures and occasional rain are ideal growing conditions for plants and grass.  So, what you do now will give you a jump on a healthy lawn beautiful beds in the Spring.

  1. Aerate: Aerating your soil now allows oxygen, water, and fertilizer to easily reach grass roots.
  2. Fertilize: Fertilizing delivers nutrients for your grass to grow deep roots and store nutrients in reserve for a healthy start next Spring.
  3. Overseed: This one step will do more to improve the quality of your lawn than almost anything else you can do. Use 4 to 8 lbs. per 1000 sq. ft. for the average lawn.
  4. Plant annual flowers for Fall color (mums, pansies).
  5. Plant shrubs/trees: Almost all deciduous shrubs and trees can be planted in the Fall.
  6. Plant Spring-flowering bulbs.
  7. Divide overgrown Spring-blooming perennials.
  8. Clean up vegetable garden: Use organic matter, fallen leaves, and deadheaded flowers as compost.
  9. Bring houseplants indoors.
  10. If you are planning on hiring out leaf collection, book it now so you get on the schedule.

Native Designs Landscaping can take care of all your Fall preparations including lawn aeration, insect and weed control, patch-planting, and overseeding. While we are at it, we can collect your fallen leaves, plant annuals, bulbs, trees, and shrubs, and make sure you are well prepared for the colder months.

For more about the lawn care and maintenance services Native Designs Landscaping can provide, visit or contact Tom Wolfgang, certified horticulturist, at 610.584.2989.