Over mulching, erosion, and weeds are just some of the problems homeowners contend with year after year. Below are some tips on how to address these common problems.

1. Improper Mulching:

Mulching is one of the most beneficial acts a homeowner can do for the health of their trees and gardens however, using the wrong materials or applying too much, may have a negative impact on the wellbeing of your plants. Piling mulch up against the base of a tree for instance or “Volcanizing” will lead to damage and ill health such as insect and rodent damage as well as disease. Having excessive amounts of mulch in your gardens can also lead to “suffocating” your shrubs and leading to “root rot” with your perennials





2.  Erosion-Grading:

Often, we see gardens that have improper pitch back towards foundations or areas where water collects and moves through lawn and garden areas taking soil with it. These are issues that, if left unchecked, will lead to problems as well as health issues with plants and lawns. Drainage solutions can be as simple as raking away mounds of mulch or as complex as building terraces and adding systems for water collection.




3. Gardens and Lawns Overtaken by Weeds:

Gardener hands weeding onion in gardenWeeds are the most common problem in landscaping/gardening as they ruin the balance, compete with desirable plants for water and nutrients, and just plain look horrible. Spring is a great time to consider creating a strategy to address the distinct types of weeds-perennial verse annual, as an example and ways to combat them including pre-emergent options.



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Tom Wolfgang P.C.H