Before you get distracted by the upcoming holidays and the weather turns too cold to work outside, there are a few jobs that need to get done. Doing these few things before Thanksgiving will make a big difference in protecting your plants and lawn from the Winter to come.

  • Deer-proof evergreen shrubs by encircling them with stakes and attaching burlap to the stakes.
  • Protect the bark of saplings from gnawing mice by wrapping tree guards around the lowest parts of the trunks.
  • To protect a plant from voles, avoid piling up mulch too close to the plant. If vole damage persists, consider growing vole-resistant plants next year.
  • Get the snowblower ready for winter.
  • Finish raking leaves off the lawn.
  • Remember to turn off water supplies as soon as temps dip below freezing.
  • Set up any outdoor Christmas decorations you use in late November before it gets bitterly cold outside.

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