Aerating Backyard Lawn

Fall Is for Planting and Turf Care
I’m often asked, “How often should I aerate my lawn?” The simple answer is most lawns benefit from aeration once a year, but twice a year won’t hurt it, but keep reading.

Some of the Benefits of Aeration Include:

  1. Improved air exchange between the atmosphere and the soil which leads to better root development.
  2. Helps thatch breakdown and assists the uptake of fertilizer and water.
  3. Reduces soil compaction.
  4. Helps to encourage turf grass spread by loosening the soil profile.

When is the Best Time to Aerate?
For our area of the northeast, we grow what is referred to as “Cool Season” Turf grasses. Those varieties respond best when they are aerated in the fall, however, anytime can be beneficial if severe compaction exists or new turf grass establishment is required.

Remember, the Fall is a great time to not only plant trees and shrubs, but Turf grass as well. Call us for a landscape consultation at 610.613.1243 to learn more about how Native Designs Landscaping can help you get a thick, healthy lawn.

Tom Wolfgang P.C.H