Native Designs has the ability to enhance outdoors spaces with hardscaping. Allowing the owner to enjoy and entertain. No matter the occasion a hardscaping space can be designed and implemented.

A hardscaped property is not only aesthetically pleasing, but acts as an extension of your home. Bringing your indoors out into a living space that can be enjoyed for years with minimal maintenance.

At Native Designs Landscaping we believe a well designed and maintained property can create a welcoming and safe environment for any home.

It has been statistically shown that folks are more attracted to and will spend more time and money for a well landscaped home and will increase property values.


In today’s world, folks also want to know that steps are being taken to  eliminate adverse impacts on our environment. Thru good cultural practices will reduce the need for watering and fertilizing as well as pesticide applications.

At Native Designs we pride ourselves in using naturally based fertilizers. The use of native plants to attract and maintain habitat.By using water wise techniques and reclaiming debris for composting, we are helping to protect much needed resources of water and landfill space.

We believe that in caring for our landscapes we shouldn’t be polluting our environment in the process.

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Native Designs Landscaping designs and maintains outdoor spaces that respect the naturally occurring beauty of our surrounding environment.

Let us know how we can help you create and maintain your outdoor living area.