Outdoor Living Spaces:  Spending some outdoors is as desirable as ever. Utilizing those back yard spaces that were once grass to gather and dine or just hang out. With ready made kitchen and fire features, adding them to patios have become more affordable and specific for smaller areas. Tranquility gardens to help reduce stress with water features are also a great use of outdoor space.

view of home with landscapingRenovating Aging Landscapes: Often older landscapes especially those that were poorly designed, need to be ‘re-done’ Investing in a landscape design that fits into your current needs with a more classic design technique will allow the landscape to thrive and function for long term enjoyment.

Color Craze: Adding bright colors, and many different hues, has become the go to design quality most asked for. With so many new plant cultivars and material choices, creating outdoor spaces with vibrant textures and colors has expanded more than ever before in the creation of seasonal progressions for all tastes.



closeup wildflowers in landscape

Preferred Plants: As always, Native plants and their cultivars are on high demand for the obvious reasons of hardiness and ease of care but also for the environmental positives they provide.

Working with the land: In the past, a lot of landscape projects started out by leveling everything and starting from scratch with a somewhat standard foundation planting and perhaps a satellite garden with a small tree. Today’s focus has become more building “natural” back into the landscape. Even in our suburban sub divisions, it is possible to design while working with the property as it is. Rain gardens for moist areas and planting small meadows or groups of trees, are all examples of bringing the natural back to our outdoor spaces.

Drop us a line if any of these trends touch upon any new ideas you may have to enhance your great outdoors..