Native Designs Landscaping lawn care service will maintain your property by keeping it looking it’s best week after week, year after year.

With all of our contracts,we include services such as weeding of flower beds. Spraying weeds that grow up along cement curbs.

Periodic meetings to discuss any plant or tree issues. Insect or diseases that may be occurring.

Checking for property damage such as leaky gutters or broken concrete or just being aware of the properties general condition are all part of being a good landscape and lawn care provider.


Some of the lawn care services we offer:

  • Routine lawn mowing

  • Fertilizing and weed control

  • Aeration and over seeding

  • Drainage and grading

  • Seed and sod installation

Enjoy a healthy lush lawn without all the chemicals. We use all natural based fertilizers and plant foods with an I.P.M approach to reduce the use of pesticides helping to keep our water and air cleaner for us and future generations to come.

Lets start with a quote that outlines you and your properties needs. A general report outlining turf density and weed pressures. What is the best way to mow and with what size machine? All questions that we will answer and provide solutions.

So large or small, starting with an action plan Native Designs will price competitively and perform exceedingly to care for your lawn.

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