Outdoor gathering is a necessary reality these days, but that does not mean you need to settle on sitting on camp chairs in the driveway. Add style and ambiance to your outdoor space with lighting, a fireplace, landscape, or a patio with defining walls to create a dynamic outdoor experience.

The photos above are from a project we completed recently. The walls and fireplace define the space and make it feel almost as if you are sitting in a living room. Up-lighted trees and accents create a warm, inviting atmosphere as well as serving a practical purpose. In the Fall, add a patio heater along with the fire to extend your season. It is a space where you and your friends feel welcome and “close” even though you may still be socially distancing.

Native Designs Landscaping builds patios, walkways, retaining walls, steps, installs lighting, and more.  We can transform your outdoor space using any specialty paving stone, natural stone, or brick in a way that blends beautifully with your existing landscape and dramatic lighting adds both warmth and function to your outdoor areas.

To learn more about the Native Designs’ landscaping, hardscaping, and lighting capabilities or to view our gallery of projects, visit nativedesignslandscaping.com or contact Tom Wolfgang, certified horticulturist, at 610.584.2989.