Simple Guidelines to Trim Your Shrubs
To encourage your hedges to grow optimally after trimming, it’s important to know the best time and the best way to do it. Generally, follow a few simple rules and you’ll be good, but remember, there are always a few exceptions.

Plants That Flower in Springtime
Trim after they have bloomed. Shrubs, such as Azaleas weigela, should be pruned in the summer to avoid cutting off that season’s flowers.

Plants That Flower in The Summer
For summer flowering plants like Hydrangea, trim at the end of winter or early spring.

Non-Flowering Plants
Trim after new growth appears to be fully formed (this varies for most plants).

Keep in mind that “light” pruning can be done throughout the year, especially to maintain formal hedges. Severe pruning should be done while a plant is dormant.

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Tom Wolfgang P.C.H