Can you believe it is already August!  Now that we are heading into the end of summer, it’s time for a maintenance month to ensure your landscape is healthy and weed-free before the seasons change.

Look for brown patches in your lawn.  The grubs that hatched last month are now feasting on grass roots, leaving brown patches or bare spots.  Apply grub control now before the damage spreads too far.  While you’re at it, take note of weeds and apply a weed control as needed.  As always, we recommend eco-friendly solutions over chemical based applications.

Assess your trees.  Now is a good time to prune and thin as there will be little to no growth for the remainder of the year.  Prune summer storm damaged limbs and consider areas that may need more lighting or are blocking your view.  Cut those areas back now, as well.

Plant your fall perennials towards the end of the month so you have color to carry you into the fall.  Choose native and non-invasive plants from one of the many native plant nurseries in our area.  They can easily be found online.

To learn more about the lawn care and planting services Native Designs Landscaping can provide, visit or contact Tom Wolfgang, certified horticulturist, at 610.584.2989.