May, in my opinion, is the most beautiful month here in Southeastern PA.  Everywhere we look, Mother Nature is showing off her buds, blooms, and colors.  May is also the time for you to show off by planting annuals and perennials that will flower throughout the Summer and into the early Fall and add those pops of color to your home.  If you want some immediate color, consider adding some planters and hanging baskets in strategic places.

Planters and hanging baskets are easy and inexpensive.  They are a great way to brighten porches and show off patios and pergolas. Impatiens have bright, cheery blooms that do exceptionally well in hanging baskets and can be enjoyed all Spring and Summer with minimal care. Begonias are also perfect for hanging baskets, or you can use their pretty, drooping blooms as a base in a planter and let them “spill” over to accent taller plants. The same goes for Pansies, Violas, and Alyssum.  And all of these bloom in a variety of eye-catching colors – purple, yellow, red, pink, white, and more – that beautifully showcase your home.

Pro Tip: Adding up-lighting around your house adds curb appeal by focusing the eye on the features you want to highlight. Ground lighting enhances hardscaping and provides safety and security at night.

Other May Chores

  • If you have not already done so, apply fertilizer and weed control to your lawn.
  • Look for and eliminate pests like the Spotted Lantern Fly (in its nymph form in May) and bag worms that invade evergreens.

If you do not have the time or lack a green thumb, give us a call.  We can plant those baskets and containers, apply environmentally friendly lawn care products, or get rid of those pests for you.  To learn more about the services Native Designs Landscaping can provide, visit or contact Tom Wolfgang, certified horticulturist, at 610.584.2989.