Water is the life blood of all living things of course,  and now more than ever,  with some places experiencing historic drought water conservation is a must.

I’m sure at some point we have seen a lawn sprinkler water the asphalt or watering during a rainstorm. what a waste!

Today we have irrigation sensors that will adjust automatically to deliver water only when needed-not perfect but a far cry from twice a week whether it needs it or not approach.

Designing an irrigation using SMART technology as well as choosing the best method of water delivery – drip line – rotary heads and misters can help make keeping a beautiful landscape thrive without wasting precious water resources.

Here are some additional practical methods and products to keep our landscapes alive and thriving while conserving water.

  1. Gator bags:

A nylon bag that wraps around the base of your tree with tiny holes in the bottom to deliver a slow drip right where the water is most needed-the roots without run off.

  1. Drip – Line

More than just a soaker hose, a bendable plastic pipe with water embitters built in every 12 inches along the pipe provide a slow drip of water directly into the soil. Giving your plants a true soaking in and around the root zone.

  1. Natives Natives Natives ! not just the trendy thing to do

Plants of Native origin require up to 50 % less water than non-native counter parts when properly used.

  1. Xeriscaping

    xeriscaping is a type of landscape approach that utilizes plants and materials that require very little or no water at all.

Some examples of this are the use of stone and boulders, native grasses and ground covers can create a beautiful and natural looking space.

  1. Permeable pavers

Patios walkways and driveways done with pavers add some much to a landscape design but what about run off?

With the use of paver products that allow water to penetrate reducing water run off and helping to re charge our aquifers is no longer just a choice but required in some situations to meet building standards.

Native designs has and will continue to strive to be good stewards of our environment through not only our landscape design practice but also in reducing our carbon foot print by using battery operated equipment as well as sustainable materials.

Call now for a free consultation on how we can help you with conserving our most precious resource while maintaining the health of our surrounding plant environment.