Remember back in January when we suggested you take your Winter down-time to make plans for the Spring? Well, now it is time to break out those plans and sketches and get to work.


What needs to be done first?  You will probably need to start with a clean-up – tree pruning, raking leftover Fall leaves, and tearing out old and unwanted plants. If your plans include hardscaping, schedule that now. Installing a new patio, adding outdoor lighting, building a retaining wall, rebuilding steps, or adding a walkway should be done soon so you can redefine flower beds and give new plantings time to establish around your features.

Getting it Done

What are your plans for getting it done – do it yourself, hire a contractor, a combination of both?  If you are hiring landscaper for a clean-up, call and get on the schedule now so you are not fighting your neighbors for a time. The same goes for a hardscaping.  Start getting quotes for the work now so you and your contractor have time to discuss and finalize ideas, order materials, and have them delivered.

Keep in mind that Native Designs does landscaping, hardscaping, and lighting installation so we can help with everything, including clean-up and tear out, designing and installing hardscapes, and planning and planting new flower beds. We do it all.

To learn more about the Native Designs’ landscaping, hardscaping, and lighting capabilities or to view our gallery of projects, visit or contact Tom Wolfgang, certified horticulturist, at 610.584.2989.